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Ships Log

March 2005

Dated: 11/03/05

Where do you start?

We began to research on the internet about new materials, new trends. We read books and cruisers' stories to learn what they had to say, but there were always a thousand other questions we wanted answered. It was through talking to other cruisers and our friends in the industry that we found to be our most valuable source of information. This is when we decided to capture this information on film so that we could share it with other cruisers in a new and different format. We felt very fortunate to know these people and acknowledged their sound advice when making major decisions for Mai Tai. There were many different ideas, but it helped us decide what was right for us, our boat and what we wanted to do.

Major jobs to do:

Lift and re-step the mast, check fittings and rigging
Replace all the sails
Build hard dodger to replace old canvas one
Complete overhaul of the engine
Paint hull and deck
Remove all the stanchions to make new stronger bases
Replace all the electronics
Make all new awnings, and canvas covers
Safety equipment, life raft
Install water maker

Two Years To Estimated Time of Departure (ETD):

We started with a list of what we wanted to accomplish before leaving, then on a calendar we allocated the jobs over the next 2 years. Said like that, 2 years sounds like forever. 2 more years to work! 2 more winters! 2 more birthdays!! But broken down into jobs to do over 24 months, it seems short. The trouble with lists is that they never seem to get shorter. Each big job seems to create hundreds of smaller ones, some never making the list. However they do help prioritize the tasks in hand.