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Ships Log

Back in the water

Dated: 25/05/07

Home again

Mahurangi Marina is a delightful spot 2 miles up a river and next to the boat yard where we were hauled out these past 10 months. We are now back living on board and enjoying the gentle motion of a boat afloat!! We will stay here as we complete the long list of "things-still-to-do", but in a few short weeks we will be ready to begin our shake-down cruise, a circumnavigation of New Zealand.
Already those tedious boatyard days are almost forgotten as we enjoy the improvements we have made.
This has been the 2nd major re-fit since Mai Tai left Seattle 18 years and ---miles ago. Now we are ready to enjoy several more cruising years with all that major work behind us.

Winter is approaching but with our diesel heater and fully enclosed cockpit, we will be comfortable wherever we choose to sit and wait for the right weather.