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Ships Log

Arriving in Port Nelson

Dated: 30/06/08

Arrival in Port Nelson

Nelson Marina at sunset
Nelson Marina at sunset

As we sailed through the narrow entrance, past the commercial port and the line-up of vessels that make up the largest fishing fleet in Australasia, we could see the city of Nelson just beyond the Tasman Bay Yacht Club, where we were about to tie up.

For foreign vessels entering the country, Nelson is a port of entry. We were allocated a berth on the visitors “D” dock, tied up, hooked into the shore- power outlet, and for the first time in many months we weren’t just waiting for a weather window to move on.

The 10 minute walk into town takes you along the beautiful tree-lined walkway, and when we arrived the last of the autumn leaves were clinging to the branches overhanging the path alongside the river. This pathway from the port to the heart of the city, follows the Maitai River far beyond the town and up into the foothills beyond and is well used by the locals.

Now, a month after first arriving, the leaves have all been swept up and we wake to see a light sprinkling of snow on the hills surrounding the city. Crisp sunny days usually follow, clearing the early morning frost off the docks, and we can get out to enjoy this lovely city, which has a history of art, fashion, music, good wine and food.

We feel that this is the perfect recipe for an enjoyable stopover and the ideal setting to finish editing all the film footage that we have taken during our 11 month voyage around New Zealand.

Looking over the marina we recognize some other well-known cruising boats and we look forward to meeting up with some of these interesting people during our stay here.